As the largest and leading regional Integrated People Management Solutions (IPMS) company across Asia Pacific and beyond, Human Dynamic has a vision to transform organizations, enhance people effectiveness and building a joyful, healthy and productive workforce.
Our goal is to provide a business partnership that is second to none. For this to happen, we must be leaders with clear values, committed to growth and undergirded by a strong, mutually supportive team.
We believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) forms an integral part of our commitment to sustainable development, social enhancement and environmental protection. CSR framework can guide the way we conduct business and is built upon Human Dynamic’s vision.

Environmental Policy
Although Human Dynamic does not operate in an environmentally sensitive business and is predominantly service-oriented, we do recognize that our operations can affect the environment and we have enhanced the Company’s practices to minimize their environmental impact. The Group always acts according to the “3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” waste management hierarchy and promotes conservation of resources across the Group through identifying opportunities to avoid unnecessary waste generation, use the consumable again and convert unwanted materials into useful recycled products.
Reducing waste
– Reduction in the usage of paper by using softcopy documents, including sending electronic publications.
– Reuse of envelops, office utensils and furniture whenever appropriate.
– Recycle of paper waste and IT equipment.
Maximizing energy efficiency
– Close monitoring the office temperature at 25.5℃.
– Using energy saving light bulbs.
– Constantly remind staff to switch off their computers, lights and air-conditioning whenever practicable.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Workplace safety is a particular priority at Human Dynamic and we are committed to making sure that health and safety at workplace is fully embedded in the company, making Human Dynamic a safer place to work.
A safe workplace is maintained to ensure that a healthy and safe workplace is provided for its employees at all times.
A contingency plan in case of pandemic diseases allows us to rotate staff from the workplace to home and thus rapidly and significantly reduce staff exposure to infection.
Staff across different regions are invited to receive wellness coaching training to promote healthy lifestyle in our service and as an advocacy to fellow colleagues.
Employee assistance service is in place for our staff to support their well-being at work and at personal life.

Human Right Policy
Human Dynamic supports human rights and we recognize our responsibility to the society. We believe we can make a real and lasting contribution to the community by adhering the human right policy.
Throughout the recruitment process cycle, we uphold the principle of equal employment opportunity to all potential applicants. By no means the sex, marital status or pregnancy is used as a ground for determining who should be offered employment.
As a company rich in diversity, we promote mutual respect and trust when collaborating with colleagues within and across our regional offices.
We value our contribution to the community by participating charitable activities. 10% of our annual generated profit is donated to charitable organizations.
In time of natural disaster, e.g. 512 Sichuan earthquake; we mobilized our staff on voluntary basis to provide on-site crisis management service to our clients. We value the people first.

Labor Policy
Human Dynamic’s success relies on the performance and commitment of all its employees. Given the growing complexity and sophistication of the marketplace, staff development is essential to the competitiveness of the Group. Therefore, we attach prime importance to creating a supportive and quality environment to attract and retain the best people, and to motivating them to deliver their best performance and achieve corporate objectives and goals.
Any form of forced labor, e.g. prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise would not be employed in our company.
Employees are granted with their stipulated annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave without any repercussions. In addition, compensation leave and flexible working hour are in place to promote the work-life balance of employees.
A performance management policy is in place to ensure that employees are rewarded fairly and recognized.
A contingency plan sets out the key measures to prepare for any possible outbreak of pandemic influenza to protect our staff from contracting the diseases.