December 5, 2017

Human Dynamic organized a HR Roundtable on “Developing People Managers thru Coaching in the Digital Age” in Bratislava last December. Our very own Chairman and CEO, Eric Kung, spoke about the constant need of learning and coaching for today’s people managers.

Today’s business environment affects the organization, which has to respond appropriately to the rapid changes in the business place. There’s a leadership need to continuously adapt to these changes and to empower employees to be able to adapt more effectively in their roles. The role of a people manager is crucial – in developing human capital so that the employees are empowered to thrive and perform in their roles and relationships. In every organization, individuals and teams need training and coaching to continuously develop them in every aspect of their work and life. This continuous training and coaching can improve the organizational success.

All the participants enjoyed the festive mood before the holidays, as well as the learning together, discussion of the participants, and networking with other HR professionals.