April 20, 2017

Human Dynamic Korea has recently organized a People Management Excellence (PMEX) Seminar with the theme “Global Talent Management- Insights and Strategies”.

Human Dynamic’s CEO and Chairman, Mr Eric Kung, as well as former Managing Director of Korea, Ms Grace Cho, were present during the seminar to share their experience and vast knowledge on management skills. The first session on “IPMS Data Analytics and Paradigm Shift in People Management” was presented by Ms Grace Cho; followed by Mr Eric Kung, on the topic “Driving Organizational Change through People Management”.

Apart from the two insightful sessions, Costco Wholes Korea’s HR Team Leader, Mr Chris Song, and also Line Plus Korea’s Employee Care Manager, Ms Grace Kang, both valued long-term clients of Human Dynamic Korea shared the warm support and care that they received from Human Dynamic employees and managers.

Attendees from various industries enjoyed the seminar and congratulated Human Dynamic for such a successful event.