April 13, 2016

Human Dynamic Japan held a small PMEX for stress check system which is unique to the Japanese law enforced last year.

The law for stress check system is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees and should start within this year.

HD Japan has prepared the service for the system and promotions since last year, and has finally launched.

Part of our promotional activities, we had held a seminar on April 13th, invited our affiliate doctor, to share our tips with 7 clients (12 HR participants) attended to learn about on how to carry out the stress check in an effective manner for the first year. Our CEO, Eric Kung, also attended the seminar and gave a good welcome speech.

The seminar was very successful and the feedbacks from the participants were also very positive.

One of the participants mentioned that their global HQ was very interested in stress check system and wanted to know more about it, considering a possibility of rolling out to the rest of their regions.