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Work Life Coaching (WLC) offers all that a traditional Employee Assistance Program does and significantly more. From 24-hour hotline telephone counseling services to face-to-face consultations, our consultants address Work & Career Development Issues, Marital & Family Issues, Mental Health Issues, Interpersonal Conflict/Mediation, Personal Growth, and Legal and Financial Issues, etc. As a global service provider with a worldwide network and strong direct office presence in Asia and Europe, we have the right mix of professionals to provide multi-lingual and culturally congruent program to all levels of your organization. By helping to resolve work life problems, WLC is effective in safeguarding the positive wellbeing of employees by developing strategies to help cope with work and life stress.

Combined with people management applications such as Performance Coaching, Development Coaching, Transition Career Coaching, Human Dynamic’s premium WLC further helps to enhance employees’ people effectiveness and increase talent retention, thus extending and magnifying HR’s effort and reach to their employees.