Assessment: Mindfulness for Leading Self and Team

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1. Mindfulness is ________________.
2. The practice of mindfulness has its roots in _____________.
3. Mindfulness helps in dealing with stress by ____________________________.
4. Mindfulness means overlooking things that are wrong.
5. Mindfulness involves __________________.
6. Mindfulness is not effective with children under 10.
7. Practicing mindfulness may help you fight off illness.
8. Mindfulness means to stop all your thoughts and emotions and have a clear mind.
9. _________ is the first step to becoming more mindful.
10. Mindfulness = Meditation
11. Mindfulness teaches us different ways of coping with a challenging situation. It is important to, first, be aware of our feelings and ___________.
12. Regular mindfulness can physically change a part of your brain.
13. Mindfulness can help with chronic pain because it _________________.
14. Practicing mindfulness may help you cope with depression.
15. Complete the sentence below. There is no right or wrong answer. I can begin/enhance my practice of mindfulness by ...