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Last year has been an extremely challenging, many business owners are strained dealing with the pandemic’s impacts. Nevertheless, the game is not over. No matter which direction the economy goes in 2021, it is essential to ensure your business resilience & development during uncertain times. As we look forward to 2021, it is important for leaders to take a comprehensive approach to change initiatives, anticipate risks and rethink their workforce management which can help tackle challenges, help their team adjust to any changes that may come, and move forward in a positive direction. A new year is a great chance for a reset.

Enter Human Dynamic webinar series to “LEAD YOUR GAME IN 2021”. Joining in a journey from leading self to leading team & leading your organization move forward in a positive direction, along with actionable ways in order to support your organization as they transition from crisis to what’s coming next, and a future that lies ahead.

In this series we focus on these following topics:

  1. SELF-TRANSFORMATION FOR LEADING CHANGE (17.03.2021)Speaker: Prof. Truong Nguyen Thanh – Utah University, USA, Corporate Strategy Advisor
  • Start Date: 3月 17, 2021 @ 10:00 上午
  • End Date: 3月 17, 2021 @ 11:30 下午
  • Timezone in: Vietnam
  • Venue: Webinar
  • Fee:VND 800
  • Speaker: Mr. Thanh Prof. Truong Nguyen Thanh
  • Language: English


Professor Truong Nguyen Thanh is one of the most inspiring and influencing leaders in Vietnam. In 2008, at the invitation of the Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of HCMC - Mr Nguyen Thien Nhan, he returned from the US to Vietnam and founded The Institute for Computational Science and Technology of HCMC. He continuously became a strategic member in the outstanding development of the two leading private universities in HCMC including Hoa Sen University and Van Lang University, respectively in the role of Executive Vice President and Vice President. Not only famous in leadership and strategic planning, he was also known and admired by a huge audience through his parenting book named “Cha Voi”. In addition, Mr. Thanh is a Founder of the International Vietnamese Academics Network. Currently, he is a professor at Utah University, USA, with his extensive research and experience on leadership, he became a strategic advisor for many corporations in Vietnam and most recently, he was the Senior Advisor for The Board of Directors of Vietravel.