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Team empowerment at the Era of Post Covid-19

Workshop Details

After COVID-19, organization to team as well as to each individual, everyone has faced the changes from many fields. With the impact of downsizing, transition or challenges of new way of working, it is crucial for leader to understand how to empower his team members in order to gain cohesion and vitality. Human Dynamic offer you this open seminar held in Shanghai, we will discuss empathy and career development from the perspective of leadership.

  • Start Date: 11 月 27, 2020 @ 2:00 下午
  • End Date: 11 月 27, 2020 @ 5:00 下午
  • Timezone in: Beijing
  • Venue: Jingan District, Huashan Rd, Nr. 328 Krspace, Meeting Room 101
  • Fee:USD 50
  • Speaker: Tina Jiang
  • Language: Chinese-Mandarin


Once served as a professional manager of large enterprises in five fields, and effectively provided strong HR strategy and comprehensive support for the organization's establishment, reform and restructuring; Won the "Best Human Resource Manager Award in Greater China" by The World Management Magazine.