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Turning Crisis into Opportunity: A People Manager Perspective

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Turning Crisis into Opportunity: A People Manager Perspective

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The rapid widespread of Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. The unforeseen effects of the pandemic left us in a deeper crisis. Being the occurrence of change, crisis causes great impacts to businesses and the workforce – businesses closing down, reduced supply chain, work from home, limited team visibility, frozen salary increment, compulsory paid and non-paid leave, for instance. Nevertheless, when facing such crisis, it requires us to bounce back, find our way to our new comfort zone and adapt to the new norms.

As people manager and business leader, turning crisis into opportunity can be a stepping stone for a better people management, policies and processes and business growth. Join our interactive webinar session with our speaker, Jessica Ann Micheal and moderator, Corriyn Choy to identify opportunities during crisis and how to effectively utilize them to advantage.


Speaker: Jessica Ann Micheal (Senior HR Practitioner & Leadership Coach)

Moderator: Corriyn Choy (Consultant, Human Dynamic)


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  • Start Date: May 13, 2020 @ 2:30 pm
  • End Date: May 13, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
  • Timezone in: Malaysia
  • Venue: Webinar
  • Fee:HK$ Free
  • Speaker: Jessica Ann Micheal
  • Language: English

Jessica Ann Micheal -Senior HR Practitioner & Leadership Coach

Jessica is a Senior HR Practitioner & Leadership Coach and has more than 20 years’ work experience in the Banking, Telecommunications and Manufacturing industry, of which 8 years is in Recruitment & Selection; Training & Development and Industrial Relations specializing in the banking/shared services and HR consulting industry. In addition, she is a Certified Yellow Belt Six Sigma and a Certified HRDF Trainer. She obtained a Master in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from The University of Newcastle, Australia. She was awarded the Best Student Award for Diploma in Human Resource Management also from The University of Newcastle, Australia. She completed a project on the importance of Training & Development in retaining productive employees within an organization and reducing staff turnover. As a Human Resource practitioner, she is able to achieve organizational objectives through its workforce by utilizing people to their full capacity and potential. She is also capable of integrating human resource policies with business plans and reinforce appropriate culture, if necessary, reshape an inappropriate culture to jointly reinforce the organization’s strategies for matching resources to business needs and improving performance.