Assessment: Handling & Preventing Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

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1. The type of sexual harassment that requires an employee to submit to sexual harassment to keep their job or to get a promotion
2. Identify the type of sexual harassment that is being portrayed in this scenario: Your team mate often makes vulgar, rude and degrading comments to you, with or without the other team members being present. There are even times that he looks at you, making “sexual actions” and laughs when he sees you becoming uncomfortable
3. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 2017 report that majority of alleged reported cases on sexual harassment are on the basis of sex, both for private and government employees.
4. Sexual Harassment can lead to a number of negative impact on its victims which may have physical, emotional, social and psychological effect. The list below show some of the manner by which they are affected. Choose from the list. Check all that apply.
5. If an alleged harasser is a senior executive, NOBODY will believe you
6. The following are MYTHS about sexual harassment EXCEPT
7. Celine met Alex through a Leadership and Development course and was happy to discover that he is currently in the same unit that she wanted to explore into. Alex asked Celine to send him her resume after the course. Celine sent her profile at once, and was happy to find out that there was an opening for her. She then joined Alex’s team. Alex then asked Celine out several times, for dinner, to which she willingly said yes to. As workload increased, Celine refused to go out with him one time. He insisted, however, that she should go out with him since she “owed it to him.” Celine then told Alex from then on, that their relationship was to be strictly professional. He continued to call her and send her emails. She first asked him to stop, and eventually begged him to do so as he continues to do so. She started taking time off from work to avoid him
8. It is distressing to be faced with sexual harassment at work. There are a number of things that one can do to handle this. Which among the following is NOT a helpful step to take
9. Which among the workplace scenarios places you in a possible Bystander status in Sexual Harassment situations? Check all that apply
10. There are several reasons why Bystander effect happens in sexual harassment concerns. One is that, there is a false belief that “beautiful is good.” Attractiveness has an influence on harassment. A scenario may be more likely to be considered as sexual harassment when the female employee is attractive
11. How can Bystanders be encouraged to move into action? Choose all that apply
12. What are the important steps to take when you encounter Sexual Harassment? Check all that apply
13. There are several ways to prevent sexual harassment. One important measure is to take personal responsibility to make sure that the organization you belong to has its own appropriate policies in place. More than that, employees must be well-informed about them
14. How can you help someone who is at risk for Sexual Harassment? Choose one among the statements that can best help