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Our monthly e-publication shares insights, best practices, case studies and people management strategies for 21st century leaders to succeed amidst change. The content is home-grown by penned by HD consultants with cross industry experience.

Influencer Headlines At-A-Glance

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Issues Headlines
Sep-23 Simplify
Aug-23 Client Whisperer
Jul-23 Game Plan: Mastering Strategy
Jun-23 Unity in Diversity
May-23 The Mind Gym
Apr-23 Antifragile Antidote
Mar-23 The Productivity Psyche
Feb-23 Change Equation
Jan-23 Year of the Thinker
Dec-22 Back to the Future
Nov-22 Courageous Culture
Oct-22 Mental Health : Beyond Awareness
Sep-22 Creative Thinking : Versatile Innovation
Aug-22 Raise the Bar
Jul-22 Let’s Talk Hybrid!
Jun-22 Riding the Wellness Culture with Pride
May-22 Talent Transformation and Retention
Apr-22 Leading as a Key to Intrinsic and Extrinsic Growth
Mar-22 Creating a Global Mindset for a Borderless Workplace
Feb-22 Managing Transition of New Virtual Leaders
Jan-22 Energising the Workplace in 2022
Dec-21 Building a High-Performance Team During Crisis
Nov-21 Hiring the Right Workforce
Oct-21 Re-imagining Workplace Potential
Sep-21 Aligning Culture: Hybrid Workplaces
Aug-21 Data Literacy
Jul-21 Soft Skills 2.0: Competencies of the Remote World
COVID-19 Special Issue Coping with Grief & Loss Empathetically in the Covid Times
Jun-21 Diversity and Inclusion
COVID-19 Special Issue Crisis Care: Practices that Promote Wellbeing
May-21 Authentic leadership
Apr-21 Managing Organizational Disruptions
Mar-21 Women in Leadership: Reaching for an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World
Feb-21 Staying Relevant: Paradigms of Upskilling
Jan-21 Organizations of the Future: High-performing organizations operate as empowered networks, coordinated through culture, information systems, and talent mobility
Dec-20 Emerging Stronger from the COVID-19 Crisis: Leadership Competencies and Mindset Shifts needed to Thrive through 2021!
Nov-20 Agility: The new competency to create the New Normal
Oct-20 Leading Through Crisis: Insights & Practices
COVID-19 Special Issue Conscious & Mindful Practices for Coping with the New Normal
COVID-19 Special Issue Between the Lockdown and Unlocking: Emergent Issues in the Workplace of the New Normal
Sep-20 Challenges and Opportunities in the Post COVID World
Aug-20 Take Care: Best Practices for Leadership Wellness
Jul-20 Paradigm Shift in Performance Management
Jun-20 Working with Purpose: Re-discovering your ‘Why’!
Apr-20 One Step Up: Developing High Potentials Into High Performers
Mar-20 Crucial Conversations: Catalysts for Change at the Workplace
Feb-20 Beyond Gender : Designing The Workplace Culture For Tomorrow
Jan-20 Workplace Learning Trends 2020
Dec-19 Building The Future: Sustainable Leadership Practices as Guiding Principles
Nov-19 Leading With Global Mindset : Individual &Organizational Practices for the 21st Century Workplace
Oct-19 Managing Career Transitions: Creating Successful Pathways to Learn, Adapt and Thrive
Sep-19 Riding the Waves of Digitization : Redefining Learning and Leadership
Aug-19 Thriving Through Crisis: Planning and Preparation for Crisis Management
Jul-19 Creating a Performing Culture: Building Teams for Performance Breakthrough
Jun-19 Making Smart and Effective Decisions: Wielding the Sword of Strategic Thinking
May-19 One Step Up: Conducting Appraisals that Work!
Apr-19 Setting The Right Tone: Building a Positive Organisational Culture
Mar-19 It’s Changing Again!! Managing and Empowering self, teams and organizations through change
Feb-19 Voices of Inclusion: Harnessing Diversity for Organizational Success
Jan-19 Leadership 2030: Competencies and Paradigms
Dec-18 Disruptive Mindset: The New-Age Path to Thrive and Lead
Nov-18 Personalities at Work: Unveiling their Competitive Advantage For Organizational Success
Oct-18 The Culture Games: Redefining the Scope of Organisational Change
Sep-18 Coaching : Performance Excellence and Engagement through a Modern Lens
Aug-18 Power of WE: Team Learning Strategies for Success
Jul-18 Make Your Mark : Decode Executive Presence
Jun-18 Learning to E-Learn: Growth Strategy for 21st Century Workplaces