Corporate Wellness: Building Healthy Workforce

Corporate Wellness: Building Healthy Workforce

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With the unpredictable changing environment, organizations struggle to maintain an effective team with strong morale, adaptability and wellbeing. Hence, organizations need to establish continuous initiatives in order to keep employees motivated, stay active and maintain work-life balance.

The Corporate Wellness program by Human Dynamic offers professional help to organizations in assisting their employees to achieve a greater state of wellness and optimal health through education and intervention.

About the company:

An American multinational corporation (MNC) and technology company with manufacturing plants in several locations in Malaysia, having over 10,000 employees.

The project:

Human Dynamic was approached by an American based MNC to provide Corporate Wellness program to their employees. The main objective of this program is to create awareness on physical, psycho-social and financial well-being among its employees. From the awareness, the program extends to support employees in making lifestyle changes.

The corporate wellness program by Human Dynamic is a holistic one. For each wellness pillar, the program covers assessment, prevention and intervention. The activities range, but not limited, to various wellness activities such as awareness talks, workshops, group coaching, wellness day, health risk assessment, physical assessments, mindfulness and meditations activities as well as targeted intervention programs such as weight management, back pain relief and financial talks.

The program was backed by a strong team of professionals such as psychologists, counselors, physiotherapists, dietitians, physical trainers and medical doctors. To promote continuous engagement with the employees, Human Dynamic worked closely with the client to organize several initiatives such as ambassador program and reward redemption activities and these initiates were well-received.

As the program moves into its 5th year, Human Dynamic sees the transformation in terms of the content and delivery of the wellness activities with customize innovation on some activities to suit the needs and culture of the employees and company. It is also undeniable that the close relationship with and trust from the client has made this partnership a successful and fruitful one.