Transforming Organizational Culture in a Multinational Corporation

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Transforming Organizational Culture in a Multinational Corporation

The company had a performance-oriented vertical decision-making culture. This culture has resulted in misuse of authority and persistent bullying of team members. The handling of bully complaints were poor that led to employees losing trust and felt disappointed with the company’s leadership. Direct and indirect victims of the incidents expressed anger and helplessness regarding the management styles.

Corporate Wellness: Building Healthy Workforce

With the unpredictable changing environment, organizations struggle to maintain an effective team with strong morale, adaptability and wellbeing. Hence, organizations need to establish continuous initiatives in order to keep employees motivated, stay active and maintain work-life balance. The Corporate Wellness program by Human Dynamic offers professional help to organizations in assisting their employees to achieve […]

Crisis Management: Addressing The Grief of Individuals and The Team

About the company: A shared services company with around 1,800 employees in the Philippines that provides operational support for its multinational principal company. The project: Human Dynamic was consulted by a Philippine company to help one of their teams with 17 members process their shared grief over the loss of one of their team members […]

Change Management: A Leader’s Perspective

Change Management involves a structured way of dealing with transformation in an organization. It may be a transformation of processes or technology, a relocation or migration of a certain business unit or a change in an organization’s business direction and goals. The objective of change therefore is to effect change, manage the change process and […]