Assessment: Career Development: Transforming Your Career Trajectory

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1. The key ingredients that make organization successful have also evolved with the changing needs of the business environment. Check all that apply:
2. Which of the following action points can set you back in your career development journey?
3. “Perceive oneself as powerless” is a typical style of the following mindset in managing change.
4. Which of the following is not an “Interpersonal Skill”?
5. Which of the below skills is required to analyze and evaluate the feasibility of a business plan to fulfill the company’s goal given the internal organizational strength and external market condition.
6. As per the ADKAR model of change, the phases of change move in the direction of visioning the future, preparing for transition and returning to the current state.
7. Agility is needed for adapting to business change.
8. Which working relationship model emphasizes on sharing responsibility for goal achievement with an aim to achieve accomplishment for long term?
9. Which of the below is a positive career skill:
10. A good strategy in finding purpose and joy at work is to mix up with co-workers and do as they do.