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Webinar: Adapting to COVID-19 Post Lockdown (For HR and Managers)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an inevitable global change in organizational structures and the labour force. As we enter the reopening phase post lockdown, HR and leaders face new challenges in revising their business strategies and sustaining employee engagement amidst this crisis.

Watch this webinar to get insights on:

– Lessons learnt from COVID-19

– How to prepare leaders for future pandemics

– Strategies on efficiently working from home

– Increasing employee motivation in current times

Inter-Region Dialogue: Upcoming Trends & Insights from COVID-19

The year 2020 has thrown unprecedented challenges to many worldwide. As we step into 2021, it is important to reflect on the lessons learnt from this pandemic and plan for a better future. Watch this inter-regional dialogue by Human Dynamic between its teams in Singapore, Malaysia and India; part of the dialogue will cover current and future business trends from an organizational, leadership and individual viewpoint.

Key topics include:

– HR trends in a shifting job market.

– How can employees upskill and adapt to new roles?

– Maintaining team morale and performance in virtual settings.

– How to deal with stress post workplace change?