What We Do:
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We believe in and work towards building transformational leadership.  Transformational leadership is the key to building an adaptive and agile organization. Transformation is not incremental and thus a one-size fits all approach becomes invalid. At Human Dynamic, we partner with organizations to develop leaders through a 3-step approach: REVEAL—DEFINE—LEARN and provide a feedback with SMART Goals development plan for organization and candidates.


Through assessment tools, qualitative interviews and dialogue, we identify and affirm the unique leadership behaviors and potentials.



We work with the individuals through one-on-one sessions and with the HR/ L&D leaders to understand the context and specified capabilities for the leader to drive the business



We facilitate the learning process by blending in the competency with the context to drive the development of transformational leadership.

Through this process, leaders are equipped with skills to:

  1. Lead organizational Change
  2. Help others change
  3. Change themselves


Feedback and SMART Goals Developmental Plan

Individual Development Plans are chalked out based on an approach that affirms the individual’s core competence and provides in-depth feedback based on findings from the assessment. Leaders are then guided to achieve the SMART Goals in leadership development, strategic thinking, decision making, communication effectiveness, change management and motivation building.  And a wrap-up report for organizations for better and further talent development.


Business people in a casual meeting


Business Leadership Coaching (BLC)

Leadership development is not restricted to just assessments and plans. We understand the influence of great leadership and to build transformational leaders, its becomes imperative to help the potential leaders translate their scores, results and plans into actions. We partner with organizations to coach business leaders at various levels, right from transition management coaching for first time leaders to coaching senior leaders develop complex behavioral competencies and executive coaching for the compound business and people management strategies. This is based on a leadership tool, Leadership Potential Assessment,  developed by CEVEY SYSTEMS. We coach leaders to develop skills where they can lead by reality, feel what’s in the future, develop a  positive loop where employees are encouraged to perform and excel, use pull instead of push, steer the wheel during turbulent times and in the direction of business, and develop a mindset among employees where they want to adapt to newer things rather than are pushed to.

Managers are empowered to adopt a coaching style have difficult conversations and to effectively lead teams by understanding the narratives, organizational needs, mental models and learn hands-on strategies to translating organization’s vision to individual goals.


Talent Development

With Industry 4.0, there is greater focus as well as confusion when it comes to building one’s human capital. There is an urgency to innovate business, upskill the existing workforce and create breakthrough solutions for emerging customers. It is essential, hence, to focus on keeping the talent relevant, motivated, purpose driven and high performing. We partner with organizations to help achieve goals of lowering attrition, enabling talent mobility, developing a leadership succession as well as moving individuals from being high potentials to becoming high performers.

When you partner with consultants of Human Dynamic, you will see a boost in your employee value propositions by bringing in a culture change of increased engagement, interest and retention through programs like diversity & inclusion, team building, building learnable teams and organizations, developing positive organizational culture, increasing ownership of career development and other competencies essential to drive the business results. We work with organizations to understand and project skill gaps, deliberate on employee-culture fitment and development of competencies through organization redesign, consultations and learning sessions.