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Human Dynamic Asia Pacific Limited Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence with Asia’s Most Promising SMEs Award

HONG KONG, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Human Dynamic (HD) is celebrating its 30th anniversary while also being recognized as Asia’s Most Promising SMEs by the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards.

“This recognition is a testament to the selfless dedication of our teams, the trust and confidence of our clients, and our commitment to provide world-class leadership and change integrated solutions across regions. “- Dr. Eric Kung 

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Change Management

Change in the business environment and people is constant in times of disruption. Whether you predict it or it comes unannounced, preparation and agility to cope with change is crucial in all scenarios. Our change management programs and experts assist people leaders and organizations to tread their way to manage change and boost business effectiveness ensuring you are in step with the change and not be out run by it! Human Dynamic approach to mastering change comes from solutions for effective learning & coaching leaders to lead organizational change, help others change and change themselves.


Assessment at Human Dynamic comes secondary to the recognition of the upcoming change, the need for change or the change that has happened. Leadership Assessment tools in addition to organizational-wide surveys help defining the problem, design the scope of the solution and drive organizations to map their change journey through effective ROI of investing in their people. We partner with organizations when they are either looking at decoding the assessments already done or looking for unique combinations of personality, leadership & organizational assessments to better meet their business goals.

Feedback and Development

The Human Dynamic philosophy is of continuous feedback for scaling development. Different organizations translate development in different terms and have unique methods to measure the same. We come in to help build an effective feedback cycle by preparing both leaders and staff members on giving & receiving feedback and mapping it to their career development journey. We work with organizations to enhance their feedback loop to help build a culture of performance enhancement rather than that of performance review.

Integrated Learning

Organizations and teams are microcosms of integrated workforces. We no longer work with only millennials but millennial mindsets. We recognize the different learner preferences as well as the need for a varied methodology for varied issues and results. To achieve maximum learner engagement, content retention and transfer of training, we bring to our client partners integrated learning solutions combining traditional classroom coursework with digital on-the-go learning. The content is developed in-house on a needs basis to meet your unique needs.

Talent / Capability Strategy

With industry 4.0, businesses and talents are undergoing an overhaul like never before. The change in the market, customers, business models, and human capital have necessitated a change in the talent lifecycle of organizations. We understand the challenges that organizations face in hiring the right talent from a diverse pool, mobilizing them to align personal and organizational objectives, integrating them into the existing culture, promoting them to lead new businesses and retaining them in an ever-shrinking market. Human Dynamic consultants support each transition that the talent faces through effective coaching & learning solutions by helping them latch onto a growth spiral.

Corporate Wellness

The state of wellness is an essential contributor to one’s happiness and productivity index. Our customized programs are available for organizations with focus on the individual as well as the team. With an impetus from the top, in developing a ‘well’ team, there is an implicit motivation in all the employees to do to their best. By integrating corporate wellness and organizational resilience into managers’ leadership role in your esteemed organization, we support your organization to build up corporate wellness, and drive for sustains success.

Employee Engagement

The variables of what people want have evolved multifold since the time organizations were originally founded. We join hands with you as you walk the journey of disruption in the VUCA world by addressing questions of leading and working with passion & purpose. It is widely recognized that the top reasons for employees to leave an organization are toxic or unsafe work cultures and bad bosses! Human Dynamic stays present through 24×7 access points to help organizations decode engagement surveys, culture risk assessments, promote culture fitment, enhance relationships with colleagues & managers and cope with business targets while building their sense of ownership and commitment to the organization. By raising leaders as coaches and enablers, implementing programs to unlock workforce potential, building psychologically safe teams and transforming the workplace culture, we support you in building engaged workforces!

Critical Incident Management (CIM)

Crisis such as natural disaster and sudden deaths are unforeseen and can place business and their management at considerable risk with extraordinary demands and pressure. We have Crisis Management Consulting to equip leaders in preparing for business contingency and crisis management, as well as Individual Crisis Support to reduce the overwhelmed emotional and physiological stress of the affected individual. We support your organizations to build up management preparedness and ensure timely intervention in order to ensure smooth risk management and corporate resilience.

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