What We Do:
Critical Incident Management

Critical Incident Management

Crisis such as natural disaster and sudden deaths are unforeseen and can place business and their management at considerable risk with extraordinary demands and pressure. With extensive experience in supporting corporations deal with critical incidents, Human Dynamic, as trusted partner in the people management service industry, understand that management preparedness and timely intervention is critical in order to ensure smooth risk management and corporate resilience.

Individual Crisis

Trauma, loss of loved one, personal loss due to an accident, individual impact at workplace, suicide, homicide.

Organizational Crisis

Group of staff affected directly or indirectly due to natural disaster, terror attack, loss of person/property at the workplace, violence at work When Crisis hits, we don’t have the time to plan. It’s the time to act. Hence, knowing options beforehand helps! Here is what we can do for you

Crisis Management Consulting

We provide a one stop solution for all aspects of management associated with a crisis outbreak. The leadership and management often find themselves unequipped to handle personal stress reactions, leading staff as well as managing the organizational culture. Equip leaders in preparing for business contingency and crisis management, with the aim of:

  • Strengthening organizational preparedness 
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness
  • Mobilizing appropriate responses to mitigate risk
  • Promoting resilience at the individual, team and organizational levels

Your leaders and crisis team members will be given management consultation and Professional training in:

  • Leading through crisis: Dos and Don’ts
  • Crisis communication: Conveying news effectively
  • Crisis care first aid: training for HR and front line supervisors to recognize the signs of psychological trauma and care employees in distress.
  • Organizational resilience: Training tailor- made to support management for employee resilience and engagement

Crisis Support for Individuals

Individuals are affected by crisis either directly (personal exposure to the stressor) or indirectly (as a passive recipient of stress). Trauma or stress reactions are often immediate, but sometimes are also found to be expressed after passage of some time. In either of the cases, receiving crisis support through HD’s crisis intervention found to reduce the overwhelmed emotional and physiological stress caused by the incident.

The services are designed to support the organization through immediate emotional and management support in crisis situations through:

  1. On-site Consultation Support:  By easing their shock grief and stress with psychological “first aid” on-site emergency /counselling support service for affected employees

Onsite/telephonic 1:1 consultation for impacted members- team, family, witnesses supporting with psychological and emotional issues as well as financial issues.

       2. 24/7 Crisis-care Hotline:  Offer affected employees a channel for immediate emotional support

Dedicated 24 hour crisis hotline to minimize the distress faced by impacted employees for up to 3 months, handled by trained professionals 

Group Crisis Intervention (GCI)

An experience of shared trauma and shared experience looms over the minds of those exposed to trauma. While some choose to speak about it to their friends, families, professionals, there are still some who are unable to grapple with the extend of impact of trauma on their lives. Adopting an immediate response to crisis attitude, and necessitating the need to address impact on an individual’s personal and professional life, GCI sessions are organized as soon as possible at the client site. 

What to expect from a GCI?

  • Provide debriefing sessions and peer support after traumatic events
  • Promote resilience and minimize potential impact of adverse effects such as post traumatic stress disorder
  • Reduce employee distress and enhance coping skills

Services offered to our clients are bound by the professional code of confidentiality and delivered with utmost competence and professionalism.