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Jun 2024 Release:

Unity Unveiled

Building true unity in an ever-increasingly diverse workplace is a challenge that is worth taking on. In this issue, we bring you a fresh perspective on inclusion by delving into a wide range of frameworks and concepts that focus on building an Inclusive organizational ecosystem.

  • From HD’s Desk: Path to Inclusive Leadership
  • Future Forward: Universal Design and the Future of Organizational Learning
  • Quick Bites: Developing Cultural Competence in the Workplace
  • Dear Coach: How to Promote Inclusive Employee Resource Group (ERGs)?
  • The Quintet: The Inclusion Champion
  • Featured: Socioeconomic Diversity at Work
  • Point of View: The Unity Question

May 2024 Release:

Teaming Ties

Effective collaboration stands as the cornerstone of a thriving team and organization. In this issue, we delve into the uncharted territories of innovative ideas and strategies, shedding light on seldom-explored concepts while introducing novel insights. Our exploration goes beyond the conventional, offering a fresh perspective on fostering synergy within teams and maximizing success through dynamic and thoughtful collaboration.

  • From HD’s Desk: The ‘First Team’ Mindset – Is It Relevant?
  • Future Forward: Leveraging Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) for Better Team Design
  • Quick Bites: What We Still Get Wrong About Feedback
  • Dear Coach: Collaboration Over Competition
  • The Quintet: Global Play
  • Featured: Synergizing Generations
  • Point of View: The Challenging with Inter Team Collaboration

April 2024 Release:

The Future of Change

In a world where change is the sole constant, mastering its navigation becomes paramount. In this issue, we delve into a range of concepts and present a collection of diverse perspectives that seamlessly blend insights into the evolving landscape of change.

  • From HD’s Desk: The Future of Organizational Culture
  • Future Forward: Volatility as a Rule, Not the Exception
  • Quick Bites: Change Management Trends for 2024
  • Dear Coach: Communicating Change
  • The Quintet: Becoming a Change Champion
  • Featured: Change Champions: Middle Manager Reflections
  • Point of View: Embracing the Future

March 2024 Release:

Empowered Voices – Women Redefining Narratives 

The role of women in leadership and the workplace is not just pivotal but transformative. The way we think and the approaches we employ are foundational to fostering inclusive workplaces, innovative strategies, and sustainable growth. In this issue, we focus on empowering women, both as leaders and as integral contributors to workplaces, unveiling insights that go beyond traditional challenges.

  • From HD’s Desk: Her Narratives
  • Future Forward: Gender-Balanced Succession Planning
  • Quick Bites: Personal Branding
  • Dear Coach: Where Women Leadership Development Programs Fall Short
  • The Quintet: Women in Leadership
  • Featured: Navigating the “Warmth-Competence” Line

February 2024 Release:

The Motivation Manifesto 

Motivation stands as the driving force behind innovation, growth, and resilience. In this issue, we delve into a range of concepts and frameworks revolving around motivating self as well as others.

  • From HD’s Desk: Building Buoyant Teams
  • Future Forward: Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Motivation
  • Quick Bites: Recipe to Stay Motivated: How to find and Follow Your Ikigai 
  • Dear Coach: The Secret of Inspirational Leadership
  • The Quintet: Empower Yourself
  • Featured: Supportive Learning

January 2024 Release:

Leadership Reimagined 2024

As we gaze into a new year, the leadership landscape is ready for transformation and opportunities. This issue is dedicated to exploring the exciting frontiers of leadership in 2024 and beyond.

  • From HD’s Desk: Leading Through Crisis: Lessons from 2020 to 2023
  • Future Forward: Measuring the Impact of Leadership Development Interventions
  • Quick Bites: Powerful Questions for Leaders in 2024
  • Dear Coach: The Future of Leadership Training
  • The Quintet: Inclusive Leadership for a Diverse Future
  • Featured: Leadership and the Currents of Change