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What We Do:
Change Management

Change Management Consulting (CMC)

Adaptability and agility are the most pivotal mindsets required to thrive in the complex and continuously changing business environment. Behavioral and business consultants can equip leaders, teams and organizations with skills needed to sustain themselves through change. In the business world, we define a successful transformation of change as business-driven, with significant improvements or innovations, and people-related. Change management consultants from Human Dynamic bring unique cross-industry experience of managing change at micro & macro level to your organization by tailor making the program to fit your needs.  

We devote time in understanding your need and direction of change, your business and people challenge and keep this as the central focus of the change process. Human Dynamic has a practical and dynamic system where we respond fast to change, support in developing the right attitude, inculcating the behavior to fail fast, weave in adaptive learning and achieve the results in the disruptive market.


Guide leaders and managers, crochet the vision with strategies, values, and culture.


Communicate effectively amongst all levels amidst the transition.

Implementing change

Build the team to cope with change and rebound from the aftermath of change, regain team morale, reconstruct positive workplace culture and harmonize with the mindset of resilience and high performance.

Outplacement Consulting Service (OCS)

Human Dynamic is the 3rd largest OCS provider in the APAC region, with a strong local presence and extensive worldwide professional network. We understand the nature of organizational change, which either comes unannounced or comes with deliberate planning to change the business direction. These changes necessitate bringing about restructuring, rightsizing, downsizing, outsourcing or plant/site shutdowns. Poor handling of this process can have a critical impact on the corporate image, business outcomes and talent.  

Our comprehensive OCS serves as an effective strategy to support your organization in providing a smooth transition at all levels, including professional consultation for management and affected employees.

Benefits of OCS:

For Organizations:

  • Ensure a well-planned and smooth transition 
  • Minimize transitional costs and behavioral risks
  • Strengthen employer brand and retain company reputation
  • Boost morale and productivity of remaining staff

For leaving employees:

  • Understand business direction & decision
  • Move forward in new teams with acceptance 
  • Actively cope with career transition
  • Develop effective strategies, skills and techniques and promote continual career development 

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