Assessment: Leading Change

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1. Which one of the following is the most difficult challenge facing organisations today?
2. Business transformation is a never ending process.
3. Which of the following are important leadership qualities for business transformation?
4. The three areas of organisational transformation are business transformation, team transformation and ___________.
5. Having a vision for change is optional.
6. Although you have a pressing deadline to implement change, it is important that you assess your team to understand if they are prepared for the change. Which document will help you assess your team?
7. According to Bernhard Cevey, the 6 essential Coaching and Learning leadership tools for change mastery are, “lead by reality, feel the future, positive loop and ________.
8. The four change management styles are:
9. As the transformational leader for your department you are excited by the change. At the same time, you are concerned because according to John Kotter (Leading Change), ____ of organisations initiating change fail.
10. Your team’s transformation went pretty smoothly and everyone seems to have settled in nicely with the new systems and processes. You put the reasons for this down to:
11. The Growth Spiral is a structured and measured way for:
12. Tania was so sure that it would be a breeze transforming her department but now finds herself facing a number of change transition issues that senior management had warned her about. Which of the following are change transition issues?
13. A member of your team finds his new role totally different from his old role and is feeling miserable. You decide to use the 3A Strategies to help him manage the transition. The 3As are:
14. Which of below is not the reason people resist change?
15. Which of the following are essential for individual change mastery.