Assessment: Mindful Leadership

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1. Mindful leaders demonstrate ________________.
2. A mindful leader helps build trust within teams and organizations.
3. Mindful leaders are skilled at working with their fears by ______________________.
4. A mindful leader embodies leadership presence by cultivating:
5. A leader can inculcate mindfulness in his team.
6. As a mindful leader you, ____________ put strong disciplines in place to manage the stress and heighten awareness and creativity.
7. A mindful leader stays focussed on the _______________ when being spoken to.
8. The effort to train the mind pays off as Mindful leaders develop an __________________________.
9. Mindfulness is something that leaders are born with.
10. Mindful leaders are always mindful.
11. Leaders need to carve out plenty of time in a serene “mindful space”.
12. Mindful leaders can create mindful organizations.
13. Mindfulness interventions, as long as they are combined with practice, can indeed develop leadership.
14. Mindful leaders are able to better anticipate change.
15. The ability to effectively regulate one's emotions helps in the practice of mindfulness.