Accelerating Performance through Diversified Teams

Accelerating Performance through Diversified Teams

Diversity & inclusion has often been translated by organizations as matters related to gender and have aspired to fulfill it by filling quotas in the workforce at different levels. If we could see diversity beyond gender – to include personality and working styles, leadership styles, thinking styles, capabilities etc. and create dynamics between these constructs, we can create high performing teams. People come with many
differences and if these are understood and leveraged towards similar goals, teams can reach greater heights. Research shows that with effective leadership, diverse teams are able to outperform the achievement of homogenous teams (Di Stefano & Maznevski, 2003).

The culture of integrating a wide spectrum of diversity can be nurtured by leaders who could guide the process effectively. Di Stefano and Maznevski’s Mapping, Bridging and Integrating (MBI) Model provides a clear process that maps to describe the differences among members and the impact of those differences in objective, measurable ways. Secondly to bridge they communicate in ways that explicitly take the differences into account. Lastly, they integrate by directing them to create team-level ideas by carefully monitoring and resolving disagreements and creating new perspectives.

Middle Line

Following are some of the steps that leaders/
managers can take to implement the model in their
day-to-day activities and leverage differences to
steer the way towards organizational growth:

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