Accelerating Performance through Diversified Teams

Accelerating Performance through Diversified Teams

Diversity & inclusion has often been translated by organizations as matters related to gender and have aspired to fulfill it by filling quotas in the workforce at different levels. If we could see diversity beyond gender – to include personality and working styles, leadership styles, thinking styles, capabilities etc. and create dynamics between these constructs, […]

Profound Cultural Changes to Build True Inclusivity for Women at Work

The impact of Covid-19 has been different for different sections of the society, within the same gender. Some women. Like senior business executives, have benefitted by being able to retain their jobs as they could now be done from a home setting, while for some for e.g., the casual workers, jobs were severely taken away. […]

Cultural Intelligence and Covid-19

The world has come closer and the workforces have become distributed globally. There has never been a more pertinent and business-ready time for Diversity & Inclusion as is now in the Covid & Post-Covid times. The competency needed for leaders of today and tomorrow rests heavily on emotional and cultural intelligence. These competencies will equip […]

Return to work post maternity

Amidst myriads of transitions through different life cycles that women face, maternity is one transition that where most of the tried and tested coping styles don’t seem to work. If you are a mother returning to work or a manager learning the ropes of reintegrating returning mothers to the workplace, the chances are that you […]