Hiring Right in the midst of Crisis

Hiring Right in the midst of Crisis

You may be surprised to read about hiring in the midst of the pandemic when the more common narrative that we hear of is that of jobs being lost, skills becoming redundant and teams being downsized. While the latter is true, the job market and talent mobility has undergone a massive transformation in the last […]

The Burden of Resilience

From the age-old theory of survival of the fittest to the redefining of fitness to including emotional wellness, resilience has found its niche in both wellness and leadership discussions. 2020 amidst everything else has been a lesson learnt in resilience, for most of us, to varying degrees. While we pumped our learning arcs to be […]

Dealing with Changes that feel like crisis

Change is looked at with both anxiety & anticipation, with fear and joy – well mostly. Mostly, when the change is planned and going as per your own plan to change. Changes like moving to a better profile, or upgrading to a better car or moving to a better company can be anxiety evoking but […]