Decoding the X Factor in Wielding Executive Presence

Decoding the X Factor in Wielding Executive Presence

Have you ever heard someone say “I trust him/her right away” or “I want to hire him/her although the cost is high” Even from your own personal experience, have you ever been drawn to a person within just few minutes of them speaking or from the minute that they walk into the room? We may […]

Beating Procrastination and Staying Productive

As we step into another New Year with the continuing pandemic and the lack of a clear future path within the current virtual situation or hybrid work model, many of us may be facing a drop in our productivity at the workplace or a higher incidence of procrastination with our tasks and responsibilities. Afterall, who […]

Leadership 101

Leaders who are in transition, like newly promoted middle managers, benefit working with a professional coach in building coping strategies to excel at their new roles. We have put together a story of one such manager who was promoted earlier than his team mates and struggled in adjusting with the change. He started to notice […]