How to build a high well-being organization?

How to build a high well-being organization?

In a world that is consistently changing abruptly, organizations are called to stay nimble, resilient, and steadfast. Leaders are compelled to build and foster high well-being workplaces and cultures. Employees want to feel and see that they are valued in the workplace. The sustained level of uncertainty and stress guarantee that we will never go […]

When being ‘present’ is the biggest challenge

Trying to be present when all you want to do is be either in the past or the future can be one of the most difficult challenges, especially in times of crisis. A lot of therapeutic work stems from the power of conscious processing or grounding oneself in the present to fully feel what one […]

Restructuring Stress Coaching

Case: After the COVID19 pandemic, the company’s performance deteriorated, and the company notified the concerned professionals of restructuring. As a result, Lee, who was notified that he was subject to this phenomenon, has not been able to sleep for days. He has children for whom he spends a fortune on education, including one child who […]

The New Paradigm of Work-Life Balance

Work life balance has been a construct most working people have been trying to strike, wanting to be able to either have best of both worlds or be in a good spot of being able to do justice to both. In some other spaces, work-life balance stood for being able to preserve emotional and social […]

The 70-20-10 of Feel Good at Work!

The 70-20-10 principle of learning is widely accepted and implemented when it comes to developing oneself. It has also given a path for learning professionals as well as stakeholders to understand how to own their learning journey. Having a structure to fall back on helps in understanding where we are investing how much of ourselves […]

Return to work post maternity

Amidst myriads of transitions through different life cycles that women face, maternity is one transition that where most of the tried and tested coping styles don’t seem to work. If you are a mother returning to work or a manager learning the ropes of reintegrating returning mothers to the workplace, the chances are that you […]