Restructuring Stress Coaching

Restructuring Stress Coaching


After the COVID19 pandemic, the company’s performance deteriorated, and the company notified the concerned professionals of restructuring. As a result, Lee, who was notified that he was subject to this phenomenon, has not been able to sleep for days. He has children for whom he spends a fortune on education, including one child who is studying abroad. “If I quit now, I think it would have a big impact on my family. But, considering the work stress I have had lately, I have a strong urge to quit now to take a break and find another place of work.” He had a hard time telling the story of leaving the company, but his wife told him to endure it. Director Lee couldn’t sleep in a sense of betrayal for being let go from a job where he dedicated his youth. “Even if I want to do a new job, I don’t know anything other than work at the company, and I’m just not sure what to do.” Worry after worry was winding him down. “Should I just resign now?”. Presently, the feeling of depression from insomnia were so high that Lee started considering professional psychiatric/clinical treatment. 

How much stress can dismissal and retirement cause?

According to a study, the stress of the restructuring target with the risk of dismissal and retirement can be very high. As the example above states, can the stress be less if you leave voluntarily? According to the Korea Employment Information Service survey, there was no significant difference in the stress of leaving the company, whether voluntary or involuntary. If so, how can the psychological stress on the subject of restructuring be solved?

First, we need the courage to be willing to mourn and experience the loss that we have had to suffer in the course of our life, such as retirement.

Through loss, a person feels complex emotions such as sadness, shame & loneliness. If it is difficult to overcome it alone, like this case, it is necessary to take care of the mind while taking medication, in case the negative emotions are intense to the level of being depressed and psychological treatment to organize and accept the mind. In the process of trying to win alone, wrong choices are made many a times, common examples are abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling, which can lead to a bigger problem of ‘addiction’.

Second, it is helpful to escape from the social myth of “must be” and the male image. As the traditional head of the family, Lee was burdened with responsibilities, where he suffered to retain that role. As the head of the household, you should be in charge of the economy, have a straight-forward job, and become an executive at a company that you know because you have learned a lot. In the case too, as a result of finding out what Lee really wanted through counselling, he realized that he wanted to take care of others.

Third, it is necessary to accept ‘retirement’ as a transition period in life. The moment of retirement comes for any office worker. However, the process of accepting this well, preparing for it, and starting a new beginning differs greatly from person to person. The most important and difficult part here is ‘acceptance’. Many thoughts such as ‘Why did this happen to me?” What did I do wrong” How could a job I devoted my life to, do this?’. The decision of a retiree by a company is not based on personal feelings toward the retiree, but on the company’s own rules for retirement, and it is based on the interests of the company’s survival. Being eligible for retirement is not an individual’s fault, but a choice for the benefit of the company.

If retirement is a process in life, one’s life continues even after retirement. When one objectively evaluates their strengths, interests, and career history for their life, and start preparing for this, retirement will not be perceived as a loss, but as a new journey in life.

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