Restructuring Stress Coaching


Restructuring Stress Coaching

Case: After the COVID19 pandemic, the company’s performance deteriorated, and the company notified the concerned professionals of restructuring. As a result, Lee, who was notified that he was subject to this phenomenon, has not been able to sleep for days. He has children for whom he spends a fortune on education, including one child who […]

Top 8 Reasons that Cause a Leader to Fail

There is a lot of discourse around what ensures success in leadership, however, much needs to be said about what leads to failure in leadership. This listicle will aim to cover some key reasons of leadership failure: A leader is made by their people- Relationships are key: A leader is someone who directs people. A […]

Bettering your relationship with your boss

Practical ways to Improve your Relationship with your Boss Steve: “I am not sure about this. I think if I go to Emily now, she may be upset that I didn’t consult her earlier.” John: “Oh Steve, I understand your apprehension but you report to Emily. I’d say it’s better you talk to her before […]

B- The Champion of an Organization

Who are the ‘B’ players? What is their role? How can organisations engage them better? Over the few years we have increasingly become focused on our ‘A’ performers. In fact, when you search material on ‘B’ players you are bound to stumble upon articles that’ll give you tips to convert your ‘B’ players to ‘A’ […]