Bettering your relationship with your boss

Bettering your relationship with your boss

Practical ways to Improve your Relationship with your Boss

Steve: “I am not sure about this. I think if I go to Emily now, she may be upset that I didn’t consult her earlier.”

John: “Oh Steve, I understand your apprehension but you report to Emily. I’d say it’s better you talk to her before you decide.”

Steve: “Hmm maybe you are right but I am really worried about what Emily may think? I mean I don’t want her to doubt my capabilities.”

There’s a constant worry about the kind of impression we are making in front of our bosses. This can often lead to a lot of emotional turmoil and affect the quality of the relationship. Here are a few curated practical pointers from our coaches for you to implement.

  • Try putting yourself in your boss’s shoes– For any relationship to become fruitful it’s really important that you understand the headspace that the other person is in. Foresight into what your boss may ask you or expect from the task can help you stay ahead of the curb. It’s very comfortable to resent your boss without really knowing or understanding the Predicaments that they would be in to ensure a final go ahead.
  • They hired you for a reason– Whilst is good practice to agree with your boss, it’s also important you are honest and share what you know. After all, you were hired to bring your expertise to the table and by expressing a complimenting or contradicting opinion you would only be adding value to the same
  • How & when to communicate with your boss– Does your boss prefer having meetings in the morning or prefer to meet in the evening once a considerable amount of work has progressed? Do they like visual presentations? Or are they all for fleshed out reports? Answering these questions can have a significant impact on your relationship and help you build a buy-in with them for your opinions.
  • Under-commit and over-deliver- While it may be tempting to prioritize many tasks and want to say yes to multiple deadlines, adopting a practice of setting = realistic expectations where you can complete tasks before the supposed deadlines. This communicates a positive impression of you being proactive and responsible.
  • Asking for feedback and advice- A clear way to gain your boss’s trust is to show them that you trust them. Asking for feedback, showing them that you greatly value their opinion that leads to them viewing you as someone to be trained and nurtured. It’s a win-win wherein you learn from your boss and also get their approval.
  • Be authentically you– Lastly, but most importantly your boss needs to know and understand the real you. Just like you are putting in an effort to establish a relationship with your boss, your boss is doing the same. Help them understand what you are comfortable with, what your triggers are and most importantly what your goals are. This is sure to have a positive impact on your relationship.

It’s important to remember any relationship is hard work and requires patience & perseverance. Eventually it boils down to trust, understanding and the camaraderie. 

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