Conquering Change by Adopting an Agile Mindset

Conquering Change by Adopting an Agile Mindset

Change, though inevitable, seems much more challenging in the 21st century. The 4th Industrial Revolution brings with it technological changes and makes the customers the drivers of supply. In such an environment, the business models will have to develop to become agile to accommodate an attitude of continuous unlearning and relearning and be ready to […]

Decoding the X Factor in Wielding Executive Presence

Have you ever heard someone say “I trust him/her right away” or “I want to hire him/her although the cost is high” Even from your own personal experience, have you ever been drawn to a person within just few minutes of them speaking or from the minute that they walk into the room? We may […]

Beating Procrastination and Staying Productive

As we step into another New Year with the continuing pandemic and the lack of a clear future path within the current virtual situation or hybrid work model, many of us may be facing a drop in our productivity at the workplace or a higher incidence of procrastination with our tasks and responsibilities. Afterall, who […]

Operant Conditioning at the workplace: Habits that Stick!!

When all else fails, we go back to Operant Conditioning to train our mind, our body, and our environment!! Operant conditioning is a principle to strengthen behaviour (or habits) by modifying the consequences or responses to the same from the environment – typically with punishment or with reward. Covid-19 has brought to the forefront, the […]

Mentor At Work!

How does having mentors transform your organizational climate and increase engagement from employees? The concept of mentoring can be traced as far back as the mention of a character called Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey. Many researchers since then have debated on when the modern meaning of mentor came about. The industrial revolution gave rise to […]

Bettering your relationship with your boss

Practical ways to Improve your Relationship with your Boss Steve: “I am not sure about this. I think if I go to Emily now, she may be upset that I didn’t consult her earlier.” John: “Oh Steve, I understand your apprehension but you report to Emily. I’d say it’s better you talk to her before […]