Connecting with the Team as a Virtually Onboarded Leader

Connecting with the Team as a Virtually Onboarded Leader

Thank you for reaching out to us, and congratulations on your onboarding to a new adventure as a virtual team leader! You may be faced with various challenges in this new leading position as managing a team with low morale is challenging, leading a virtual team is daunting, and onboarding virtually is also tough. Onboarding […]

Human Centric Work Strategies to Boost Innovation

The movie Back to the Future describes the story of a professor who spent all his life doing extensive research work on traveling in time. He locked himself in his laboratory and built the time-travel machine (a racing car). Then, he started his experiments at nighttime so that other people would not see him. You […]

Problem Solving with ‘First Principles Thinking’

The company had a performance-oriented vertical decision-making culture. This culture has resulted in misuse of authority and persistent bullying of team members. The handling of bully complaints were poor that led to employees losing trust and felt disappointed with the company’s leadership. Direct and indirect victims of the incidents expressed anger and helplessness regarding the management styles.

How can I build the leadership skills of a newly promoted leader?

Case: Mr. A, who was promoted earlier than his teammates, asked for counselling because of his concerns about teamwork. A has noticed that his colleagues, though in the same team, do not adhere to the meeting time and show a passive attitude. Currently, the team’s attitude has made it difficult for A to communicate with […]

Leader of the People, for the People

Arbinger’s research indicates that people operate at any given time from one of two mindsets: an inward mindset or an outward mindset. With an inward mindset, one is only concerned with their personal goals and priorities, with little regard for the effect we have on others. In this inward-focused approach, the leader sees others as […]

Feedback 101

There is so much trepidation around the process of feedback. The process can go wrong in so many ways, yet there are ways that the process strengthens the bond between a leader and his team. Below is an exchange between a manager and a team member, think back to your experiences as you read this. […]