How to build a high well-being organization?

Leadership Skills

How to build a high well-being organization?

In a world that is consistently changing abruptly, organizations are called to stay nimble, resilient, and steadfast. Leaders are compelled to build and foster high well-being workplaces and cultures. Employees want to feel and see that they are valued in the workplace. The sustained level of uncertainty and stress guarantee that we will never go […]

How can I build the leadership skills of a newly promoted leader?

Case: Mr. A, who was promoted earlier than his teammates, asked for counselling because of his concerns about teamwork. A has noticed that his colleagues, though in the same team, do not adhere to the meeting time and show a passive attitude. Currently, the team’s attitude has made it difficult for A to communicate with […]

Leader of the People, for the People

Arbinger’s research indicates that people operate at any given time from one of two mindsets: an inward mindset or an outward mindset. With an inward mindset, one is only concerned with their personal goals and priorities, with little regard for the effect we have on others. In this inward-focused approach, the leader sees others as […]

The Doctor Do-Little of Leadership: Physical Intelligence

The term intelligence can be quite passé in today’s times when there isn’t one way to look at solutions and even one way to define problems. Just as the business environment is evolving, so is the expectation from business leaders. The traditional way of going about business stays invalid in today’s times and the traditional […]

The Helplessness of Virtual Leadership

Do the following seem familiar? Left the team a message on a group but no one responded? Asked for a submission by a deadline but you didn’t get acknowledgment from the late submitters? Impromptu leave taking as FYIs instead of applications? Feeling tempted to micromanage to continue the tradition of presenteeism in the team Poor […]

Top 8 Reasons that Cause a Leader to Fail

There is a lot of discourse around what ensures success in leadership, however, much needs to be said about what leads to failure in leadership. This listicle will aim to cover some key reasons of leadership failure: A leader is made by their people- Relationships are key: A leader is someone who directs people. A […]