Connecting with the Team as a Virtually Onboarded Leader

Connecting with the Team as a Virtually Onboarded Leader

Thank you for reaching out to us, and congratulations on your onboarding to a new adventure as a virtual team leader! You may be faced with various challenges in this new leading position as managing a team with low morale is challenging, leading a virtual team is daunting, and onboarding virtually is also tough.

Onboarding is so much more than a single day or a week-long orientation session; it could take more than months to acquire the necessary new skills, meet new people, and integrate into a new work culture. While all the above does happen in a virtual work environment, it may be required for you to devote more time and energy to thoroughly complete this onboarding process virtually. Onboarding is a learning and emotional journey. There are three different aspects I would
like to highlight that you should take note of, that would help you manage the transition you are currently facing.


Normally, as you are hired at a higher rank in the roles of leadership and are coming on board with greater experience, the company might shorten the onboarding period as they expect leaders to implement their new plans or strategies as soon as possible. Thus, no matter what the company has prepared for you and for how long the onboarding program is, personally, you should not neglect and take initiative to understand the values, norms, and guiding assumptions in the organization. Try to look for stakeholders whom you can seek help from, and ask for resources from other peer leaders. This requires you to be more pro-active in connecting with others in the virtual work environment, like arranging virtual coffee meets to chat and learn from other team leaders.

Missing cues on how to behave in the organization can negatively affect how others perceive you as a new leader. Request regular meetings with your supervisor to have a mutual understanding of expectations for your performance. Understand the organization’s expectations for your new leadership role and develop a strategic plan for what you should do and how you should work with the team during your first few months on the job.

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