Through the Change: Cultivate Resilience in a Changing Workplace

Through the Change: Cultivate Resilience in a Changing Workplace

The company had a performance-oriented vertical decision-making culture. This culture has resulted in misuse of authority and persistent bullying of team members. The handling of bully complaints were poor that led to employees losing trust and felt disappointed with the company’s leadership. Direct and indirect victims of the incidents expressed anger and helplessness regarding the management styles.

Wise Telecommuting in the COVID era

[Worker A has been working from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic for the past 4 months. He was happy at first, that he didn’t have to commute, and it was good to work in his own space in a free atmosphere without being nervous about difficult work relationships. However, as time went by, […]

How Does Our World Change Post Covid-19?

Covid-19 has been disruptive in business, politics, economics, cultures and societies. While we make up each of these domains, at a micro level, it has also been disruptive in the way we engage, make friends, date, marry, raise children, learn, work, give help, collaborate and contribute to society. In the 21st century, finding ourselves in […]

What makes a Conversation, a Difficult Conversation?

A lot is researched, discussed and actioned about preparing both speakers and receivers on holding a difficult conversation. Some of the common scenarios for these at the workplace are salary negotiations, performance reviews and termination conversations. One may be an excellent communicator, an organized performer or a patient listener, but difficult scenarios where one finds […]

From Difficult to Different: The Impact of Self Talk

Do you catch yourself calling change ‘difficult’? It is difficult of course, complex even. Nothing wrong with that stance. But when you sit down and have a conversation with yourself on what makes it difficult, you will find it coming down to the themes of – not having done this before, not enjoying the feeling […]

Starting Anew

Many of us would have done things for the first time in the last couple of months. It could be picking up a home chore or doing work differently. It could be being a more hands on parent or being more dependent on relationships than before. It could be understanding what kind of friend one […]