Mentor At Work!


Mentor At Work!

How does having mentors transform your organizational climate and increase engagement from employees? The concept of mentoring can be traced as far back as the mention of a character called Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey. Many researchers since then have debated on when the modern meaning of mentor came about. The industrial revolution gave rise to […]

Feedback 101

There is so much trepidation around the process of feedback. The process can go wrong in so many ways, yet there are ways that the process strengthens the bond between a leader and his team. Below is an exchange between a manager and a team member, think back to your experiences as you read this. […]

B- The Champion of an Organization

Who are the ‘B’ players? What is their role? How can organisations engage them better? Over the few years we have increasingly become focused on our ‘A’ performers. In fact, when you search material on ‘B’ players you are bound to stumble upon articles that’ll give you tips to convert your ‘B’ players to ‘A’ […]