How to build a high well-being organization?

Worklife Balance

How to build a high well-being organization?

In a world that is consistently changing abruptly, organizations are called to stay nimble, resilient, and steadfast. Leaders are compelled to build and foster high well-being workplaces and cultures. Employees want to feel and see that they are valued in the workplace. The sustained level of uncertainty and stress guarantee that we will never go […]

When being ‘present’ is the biggest challenge

Trying to be present when all you want to do is be either in the past or the future can be one of the most difficult challenges, especially in times of crisis. A lot of therapeutic work stems from the power of conscious processing or grounding oneself in the present to fully feel what one […]

The New Paradigm of Work-Life Balance

Work life balance has been a construct most working people have been trying to strike, wanting to be able to either have best of both worlds or be in a good spot of being able to do justice to both. In some other spaces, work-life balance stood for being able to preserve emotional and social […]

Operant Conditioning at the workplace: Habits that Stick!!

When all else fails, we go back to Operant Conditioning to train our mind, our body, and our environment!! Operant conditioning is a principle to strengthen behaviour (or habits) by modifying the consequences or responses to the same from the environment – typically with punishment or with reward. Covid-19 has brought to the forefront, the […]

Home is where the work is

Home is where the work is- Tips to manage WFH 2020 has had a permanent impact on the way we work. Does this resonate with you? We bring to you these tips curated from our coaches to help you navigate our ongoing work situation which would have shifted to home set-ups: Setting boundaries at home- […]