When being ‘present’ is the biggest challenge


When being ‘present’ is the biggest challenge

Trying to be present when all you want to do is be either in the past or the future can be one of the most difficult challenges, especially in times of crisis. A lot of therapeutic work stems from the power of conscious processing or grounding oneself in the present to fully feel what one […]

Operant Conditioning at the workplace: Habits that Stick!!

When all else fails, we go back to Operant Conditioning to train our mind, our body, and our environment!! Operant conditioning is a principle to strengthen behaviour (or habits) by modifying the consequences or responses to the same from the environment – typically with punishment or with reward. Covid-19 has brought to the forefront, the […]

Starting Anew

Many of us would have done things for the first time in the last couple of months. It could be picking up a home chore or doing work differently. It could be being a more hands on parent or being more dependent on relationships than before. It could be understanding what kind of friend one […]

The Burden of Resilience

From the age-old theory of survival of the fittest to the redefining of fitness to including emotional wellness, resilience has found its niche in both wellness and leadership discussions. 2020 amidst everything else has been a lesson learnt in resilience, for most of us, to varying degrees. While we pumped our learning arcs to be […]

Return to work post maternity

Amidst myriads of transitions through different life cycles that women face, maternity is one transition that where most of the tried and tested coping styles don’t seem to work. If you are a mother returning to work or a manager learning the ropes of reintegrating returning mothers to the workplace, the chances are that you […]

Dealing with Changes that feel like crisis

Change is looked at with both anxiety & anticipation, with fear and joy – well mostly. Mostly, when the change is planned and going as per your own plan to change. Changes like moving to a better profile, or upgrading to a better car or moving to a better company can be anxiety evoking but […]