Bringing Joy to the Virtual Workplace

Bringing Joy to the Virtual Workplace

Let’s explore different ways to achieve this goal in a remote or hybrid workplace:


Sometimes, when we are inundated by tasks and meetings, we lose sight of the reason we work for. Consider why you are doing certain tasks and determine what success in this set of tasks looks like. Meditate on your reasons daily and see how this can refuel your energy towards work.


Work is work, but to have meaningful relationships with your colleagues, you need to connect with them on subjects other than work. If you don’t make an effort to proactively connect with your colleagues when you’re working remotely, you could find yourself feeling lonely and isolated. This will further rub the joy off from working. Bonding with others and feeling like you’re part of a community is key for staying upbeat, so work on developing your work relationships remotely. Virtual meet-ups, instant messages, group chats, and other forms of remote communication can all help.


It’s easy to get consumed with work when work is available all day and night. While occasionally, it’s necessary to work overtime, especially when you’re in the middle of a demanding project; working overtime on a frequent basis will start taking a toll on your health and life. As much as you can, when you log out from work, leave all work concerns at your workspace. Allow yourself an evening where you can clear your mind of the day’s stress, get a good night’s sleep, and return to work in the morning, feeling refreshed.


Making time for rest and play will help you stay positive while working remotely and keep you
from getting burned out. Even five minutes spent outside if the weather’s good, or playing with a pet, can be good for your mental health and perspective.


Working from home has its own set of challenges that adds to your challenges at work. When times are difficult, it’s natural to feel down and discouraged. Everyone has negative emotions and accepting—rather than resisting—them is one of the best ways to move through the feelings. Tell yourself that it’s okay and normal to feel stressed when trying to balance remote work with the other aspects of your life. How you frame something in your mind determines how you experience it. When you stop looking for the perfect atmosphere for work, you can easily find joy in the situation you may be in.


Remember the saying, “you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself”? Nothing could be truer in stressful times. Cultivate positivity in every aspect of your life and work by making yourself a priority. With increased meetings and household responsibilities, it’s easy to drop self-care. But there are simple habits you can practice. Here are some ways : sleep well at night, fuel your body with healthy foods, limit sugar and alcohol, and exercise regularly. Moreover, you can practice meditation and practice mindfulness, even at work, to help combat stress.

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