Assessment: Job Search and Interviewing Skills

Welcome to your Assessment: Job Search and Interviewing Skills

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1. Which of the following is the typical mindset of “Adaptor”?
2. Job searching is competitive and personal. You should not share or get help from others in the process.
3. What are the positive approaches when dealing with career change? Check all that apply:
4. Which of the following can you assess to evaluate if you are a good fit for the role?
5. What are the right strategies in achieving a career goal?
6. Networking is beneficial in many ways. Which of the following are true?
7. Which are the 4 quadrants of Johari Window will help uncover your professional self ?
8. A good resume should include:
9. Which of the followings are in the Interview “Don’t Do” list?
10. There are questions you may ask in the interview. What are they?