Change Management: A Leader’s Perspective

Change Management: A Leader’s Perspective

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Change Management involves a structured way of dealing with transformation in an organization. It may be a transformation of processes or technology, a relocation or migration of a certain business unit or a change in an organization’s business direction and goals.

The objective of change therefore is to effect change, manage the change process and help people to master change.  Change Management is a process that threads the past, present and future. Identifying areas to be refined in the current organizational set up is a game changer that determines the future of the organization

Making a decision to lead the organization through change is a tough one. Often times, the top management of organizations have come to such decisions after much deliberation on the current state of the organization and its need to transform. Human Dynamic’s vast experience partnering with top management of organizations have shown that there is a dire need for organizations to consider the finer methodologies involved during the transformation process.  We have identified several crucial technicalities as presented here in our work.

A Smooth and Seamless Plant Closure

About the company:

A German based company with manufacturing plants in Asia, having over 300 employees.

The project:

HD worked with a large German company, providing one-on-one consulting to the CEO, who was tasked to shut a manufacturing plant in a foreign country. Prior effort to shut the plant had resulted in resistance, therefore, safety was a top concern for the smooth closure in operations.

Through our thorough engagement with the CEO, Human Dynamic was to understand significant challenges, purpose of the change and create a strategic approach for a smooth and safe plant closure. 

Systematic safety procedures were put in place. The safety personnel were coached on safety measures for upcoming communication day.

Communication is key in any transformation process. As such, Human Dynamic strives on providing details of the communication plan and strategies to ensure a smooth delivery, with minimal disruption and reactions.

HD worked closely with the client to compose a Compassionate, empathetic message when delivering the closure news. 

A message that displayed care and respect for the most important asset in the organization – its people. We went a step further, to ensure the whole experience was not interrupted by any peripheral meltdown.

Our top notch consulting experts also worked with the client to draw up alternative communication plans to enable the client to transition to alternative plans, smoothly, tactfully and quickly should the need arise.

Through this partnership, a concerted effort was taken, delivering a conclusive outcome that met the client’s objective – ensuring a smooth and safe closure.

A Precise Vision Directed Transformation


A large fashion retail company with presence globally. Human Dynamic worked with one of its sourcing division in Asia, having 101 employees.


The sourcing division of a retail company was to be relocated and its Country Manager approached Human Dynamic to lead a successful relocation exercise – one with less disruption to its sourcing process and business.

Change without a clear vision can be disastrous. In this case, the country manager was caught in the midst of change with no clear vision of the relocation and its importance for the sustainability of their business. Through our guided 3 step change process, Human Dynamic helped to compose a clear vision of the change, which was to be communicated to its staff. A clear vision allows people see the change in a new perspective – a crucial element to empower its people to move forward.

Relocation may often bring a possibility of losing critical talent pool. Our consultants worked with the client to create a detailed plan on how to retain critical talent. Several viable options were factored in to aid this effort of talent retention. A detailed plan of action enabled the client meet their deliverables and metrics without hiccups.

About Human Dynamic:

Human Dynamic is a Leading Leadership and Change Management provider with diversified experts in HR & people management consultants, business leadership coaches, training consultants, organizational psychologists, and counsellors. We provide customised integrated solutions in leadership, change management, employee engagement, corporate wellness and critical incident management.