Supporting Organizations during times of Disruption: An FMCG Case Study

Supporting Organizations during times of Disruption: An FMCG Case Study

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Change is perhaps the only constant in any organization. In this fast-paced era of industrial evolution there are constant hiccups to be mitigated. Human Dynamic is constantly partnering with companies to provide strategies to ease the process of change.

In one such instance an FMCG based in Korea approached Human Dynamic, to assist with the restructuring. While most of the exiting employees were offered good support and a satisfactory severance package, it was the remaining employees that posed a great challenge. The remaining employees started to feel burdened by the increased work load and felt really stressed. To understand the issue at hand in depth, a needs analysis was conducted by Human Dynamic.


  • Offer psychological support to remaining employees
  • Help in motivating remaining employees
  • Assist in team building
  • Bridge the gap between the organization and its people (alleviate anxiety)

Solutions Built

  • Individual Coaching and Career consulting
    • Navigating transitions in terms of workload
    • Carving personal and professional growth
  • Group consultation sessions
    • Provide a safe and facilitative platform to voice concerns and be heard while building team camaraderie
  • Specific L&D interventions
    • Motivating employees and team building
    • Goal setting with alignment between personal and professional targets


The employees reported building effective coping mechanisms and feeling more secure in their current job roles. The three-pronged approach proved effective in addressing the issues that the employees had been facing post change and also helping build greater communication & cohesion between employees and their managers.

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