What We Do:
Work Life Coaching

Work Life Coaching

Change is an integral aspect of growth, whether it is personal or professional, whether it is driven internally or brought about externally. Human Dynamic’s Work Life Coaching program to support leaders, teams and executives undergoing change helps retaining and growing talent. Joining hands with a partner in this journey which adopts a developmental and progressive approach to coping with change can help achieve your goals faster!

Transition Management Coaching

Transitions are a part of our personal and work life. The success of a transition depends upon our preparedness for it. Over the last 27 years of consulting experience, we have understood that people benefit from learning from their own-selves, learning from others and being recognized for mastery over change. To bring about this, we implement coaching to power through different milestones and leaps in the lives of your employees and leaders.

Work Life Coaching (WLC)

21st century workers have multiple challenges which they need to overcome to be able to be Star Performers. Employees at every level face personal and work related challenge that can adversely affect work performance, health and well being!  We encounter these scenarios where we often feel tied down or caught up, either in our home or work scenarios and don’t know where to begin to break this spiral.  A happy employee is a productive employee and this ultimately translate back to your organization.  The solution of Work Life Coaching was conceptualized based on:

Work Life Coaching (WLC)

DID YOU KNOW: Implementing a pro-active people management tool like WLC can lead to better employee engagement, retention, growth & productivity!

  • confidential one-on-one coaching
  • theme based interventions
  • engaging formats
  • qualified experienced coaches

Executive Wellness Coaching

At Human Dynamic, we endorse the concept of complete wellbeing. Making time for being well is no longer an option in the busy and stress filled lives, especially those of the senior managers. The Executive Wellness program of Human Dynamic has been put together after years of experience of working with leaders and understanding what they need, what will work for them and what impact it will create on ‘organizational fitness’. 

DID YOU KNOW: 75% of all physician office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints

Offered as an individual or group program, we empower the leaders to take control of their wellbeing journey, take stock of their stressors, improve upon their working styles and enhance their productivity by churning out high quality work.

Resilient Mind. Healthy Body

Scope of Psychological Physical Wellness


Physical Activity /Exercise



Weight Management

Alcohol Consumption

Quit Smoking & Drugs


Stress Management

Life Satisfaction (Sense of Purpose and Meaning)