Course Preview :

The way we work today is not ‘just work’. It is showing up at work to fulfill the core deliverables while handling the environment which is made up of workplace relations, personal health, social life and your personal vision for yourself. In the marathon that we are running on a daily basis to strike a ‘balance’ between these while performing at multiple fronts day in and day out, we often don’t ‘live the moment’. The present session proposes a paradigm shift with the adoption of mindful practice as a strategy to live and perform more consciously and productively to create real and sustainable change in your personal and professional life. Extending this concept to leadership, Mindful leadership brings the leader one step closer to becoming instrumental to achieve the above. The good news is that doing one need not take a lifetime to master. The session focuses on how to become a better leader by gaining a deeper understanding and deliver better results.

Key objectives:
1. Formulate and refine your own practice of mindfulness
2. Enrich your capacity to apply mindfulness in a professional setting
3. Identify Mindful Leadership skills
4. Learn powerful mindfulness-based interventions into the 21st-century culture