What We Do:

Wellness Consulting Service (WCS)

The state of wellness is an essential contributor to one’s happiness and productivity index. Do you find yourself struggling with:

  • How to reduce the burden of medical claims?
  • Complaints from team leaders on unplanned leaves taken by employees?
  • Frequent reporting of chronic fatigue, stress linked injuries or insomnia?

A significant amount of these challenges can be reduced by supporting employees embark upon or relook at their fitness journeys.  Our WCS adopts a holistic approach derived from behavioral psychology, positive psychology and coaching.  Wellness consulting services open the horizon in looking at fitness or physical wellness from a 3 pronged approach comprising of:

How we do this?

Health Risk Assessment

Our personalized self-directed Health Risk Assessment and Online Toolkit allows users to map their at risk factors to objectively define goals.

It is followed by coaching for insight building, lifestyle management and adopting coping styles that redefine one’s relationship with health.

Executive Wellness Coaching

In the recent research on managing stress at workplace, 67% of leaders and the managers think the level of stress they experience is manageable. The above statistics shows true reality that a third to a half of leaders and managers are struggling to cope with the challenges of their job. Human Dynamic promotes Executive Wellness Coaching with the aim to integrate corporate wellness and organisational resilience into managers’leadership role in your esteemed organisation.

It is a one-to-one / group coaching journey from our experienced coach to your manager, providing guidance and build stronger enhancement in their leadership qualities by empowering them to be in control of their well being through positive change of wellness practices for better productivity at work.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Customized programs are available for teams and organizations with focus on the individual. With an impetus from the top, in developing a ‘well’ team, there is an implicit motivation in all the employees to do to their best.

What do we offer?

Games Based Programs:  We create programs for your workforce built around a positive competitive spirit to engage the users and spur them to out-do themselves. The format of activity can be customized according to the team size and duration of program. One of the famous ones is the ‘Biggest Loser Challenge!’

Organizational Health Risk: Through online individual assessments, an organizational health report is generated which gives an indicator of the pressing risk factors present in the lives of the staff. It could range from substance use like tobacco/nicotine, to lack of exercise to genetic predisposition of lifestyle illnesses. Interventions are designed to mitigate the same.

Wellness Talks & Trainings: Expert & qualified wellness coaches conduct short learning sessions on pressing issues and hot topics to generate awareness, allow self assessment/self reflection and empower the participants to apply some key strategies to improve their wellbeing.

Wellness Coach on Call: 24X7 Hotline support to reach a nutritionist as no time is a bad time to start making a change! Telephonic/face to face/video consultations can be organized to create personalized programs.

Nutritionist Desk: Onsite support to aid the staff to take up coaching is provided. Nutritionists and wellness Coaches are present at the office location to promote a theme and engage the staff in taking care of themselves by initiating need for change!

Organizational Communication: How an organization communicates its buy-in for a program goes a long way in bringing about a culture change around it. Creative ideas like branding through posters/buntings/staircases/calorie labelling etc are charted out.