Year-End Reviews & Reflections

Year-End Reviews & Reflections

As we step into the year 2021, we are left with mixed feelings about the year that was 2020. One hand we have comical memes desperately wanting this “long year” to end, on the other we have philosophical spins on the important lessons. It can be a daunting task to unpack our experiences. Here are some points that can help you get started:

  1. Understand the power of reflection from an intangible perspective: We often tend to look at hits and misses from the perspective of what we gained and what we lost in more tangible terms. When you sit down with a pen and paper to reflect on the year, spend some time thinking about events, people and achievements. What stood out for you? What affected you? What inspired, challenged and shaped you in one way or the other?
  2. Understand what made you feel safe: Sense of safety is multidimensional. At one level, feeling safe amidst the pandemic had been important but what was also important was to feel psychologically and emotionally safe – whether at home or at work. Defining safety for one self and understanding where we find it, can help us recreate this in the coming year. Identify the people who accept you, allow self-disclosure and also support you through mistakes made or through times when you felt not good enough. Identify the workplace relations/managers/organizational strategies that allowed you to play with ideas, creatively innovate solutions and be your authentic self.
  3. Understand what taking the leap means for you: Taking risks and saying yes to opportunities can decisively redirect the course of one’s life in both personal and professional spaces. Understanding what these decisions could be – both at a micro and a macro level would be important. What are some of the lessons 2020 taught you about yourself, where does your courage come from and what are your fears? Address these and use them for growth in the next year.
  4. Understand what success & happiness meant for you: Recall the days that you felt like you hit a jackpot or you slept with a sweet tiredness enveloping your body. These could be days when you led the first meeting or you pulled all your work-life priorities together. These could also be days when you opened your life to a friend and didn’t fear judgement, or, the days when you trusted your colleague and they stood up for you.
  5. Understand who you can be when you need to be: While self-awareness is an ongoing journey, this year needed all of us to be little more resilient and courageous than before. Through such critical times, one often faces their inner fears, insecurities and also one’s hidden strengths. Being aware, appreciative and mindful of all that you can be when the times call for it can be both therapeutic as well as strategic as we move towards 2021.

The new year is a great time to begin leadership journeys for your leaders and help them assimilate the learnings from 2020 and embark on a fresh 2021. Reach out to us at Human Dynamic for a confidential discussion on the same!  

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