Course Preview :

Every organization wants to be sure that their employees are safe and secure. As more and more organizations move towards a diverse workforce it is important to have a structure in place to ensure that cultural differences and intolerances do not pave way for issues like sexual harassment. The recent introduction and changes to legislation governing equal opportunities at the workplace has made the handling and prevention of sexual harassment an important organizational priority. Poorly managed sexual harassment issues can be costly to companies not only in financial terms but also in terms of the negative publicity generated as well as lowered staff morale. It is therefore important for the organization to share the policies regarding sexual harassment in the organization, in order to receive full compliance and cooperation of employees in creating a safe environment at the workplace.
1. Help participants understand the nature and problem of sexual harassment
2. Understand how to avoid the mistakes in handling sexual harassment complaints or issues
3. Learn ways to prevent sexual harassment by building a healthy workplace with effective policies, process, and practice