Course Preview :

In the complex world of businesses, teams are building blocks of any organization. A dysfunctional team of highly effective employees is a source of stress and low performance which can incur great losses both to the individuals and the organization.
Team Building for Motivating Performance Breakthrough aims at giving knowledge to managers to identify the various behavioral and structural factors that affect cohesiveness within the teams and help to build high performing teams. The focus is to align the team goals with the organization’s goals by creating hands-on insights about the challenges and enablers of the team.
1) Recognize the importance of teamwork to leverage synergy in performance breakthrough, customer service, and problem-solving.
2) Understand the building blocks of high-performance teams.
3) Evaluate present problems in your team against the key elements of effective teams.
4) Achieve a team goal together through collaboration, commitment, competence, and communication.
5) Foster a sense of belonging, responsibility, and accountability to achieve team success.