What We Do:


Rapid and dynamic global economic and socio-environmental changes are a common and regular phenomenon for organizations worldwide. Consequently, organizations seek strategies to reduce the impact and risks for the business, its growth, and sustainability. 

Assessments precede the planning of appropriate interventions. It is worthwhile to:

  1. Evaluate the impact of change
  2. Understand employee engagement levels
  3. Identify new leadership competencies accordingly                
  4. Build capabilities for individual and organizational performance
  5. Recognise team’s overall wellbeing to ensure a healthy workforce

Employee Opinion & Satisfaction /Climate Survey

Climate Survey is a thoroughly built survey that reaches all levels of corporate level to obtain results on and to review the culture. With scientific analysis and in-depth observation to arrive at the understanding that sustains growth and learning aligned to the corporate vision.

Human Dynamic aligns the results of the survey with consultation on human capital policies and directions and punctuates crucial solutions. This endeavor helps organizations become the employers of choice in their respective industrial sectors.

Leadership Personality Evaluation

For talents and leaders, Human Dynamic has well-designed tools and extension supports to optimize their leadership. A selection from personality identification, leadership styles, managerial potentials, leadership competencies etc., works not only for talent development and engagement but also succession planning.

Extending from the assessment, our Business Leadership Coaching and Blended Learning programs, provide further evidence and action plans to proactively build the talent force to meet future contingencies and requirements of organizations. Consequently, unleashing the workforce potential and benefits of people excellence and organizational effectiveness.

Work / Life Wellbeing Screening

Human Dynamic provides an overview of the team’s state of wellbeing that will allow leaders to have first-hand information on the team’s level of wellbeing, preferred strategies of managing wellbeing, identifying sources of tensity.

Human Dynamic matches the results of this assessment with programs to improve vitality among the team players.