What We Do:
Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning

At Human Dynamic we delve into the integrated learning approach to implement the Leadership and Change direction. Fast-paced, continuous and on-the go learning has become the trend. We have built our capacity building modules realizing these trends. We use multiple platforms like class room training, webinars, e-learning, newsletter, videos etc. to make the learning relevant and practical. 

Classroom and Virtual Instructor Led Training Session training

One of the go-to training methodologies is the classroom method which recently has also been adapted as a virtual instructor led training session (VILT). We blend a training & facilitating style of learning in the session to integrate the expertise of the consultant and the collective intelligence & experience of the group. Each learning session is customized to meet the preset learning outcomes for on the job success and for achieving breakthrough in personal capacity & in professional excellence. Sessions are designed to facilitate and stimulate new ideas, solve common problems, as well as application of knowledge through social learning. Business cases, simulations, videos, role plays and research based models are adapted to create industry & role relevant content.


We have integrated technology to disperse and facilitate learning. Our consultants are skilled at conducting webinars through various portals and bring learning easily available to clients. The activities are designed to fit the new modality and retain the effectiveness of the sessions.


We are ready to drive the change through digital platform. For optimal learning, our HD website, My HD Learning Space, is a platform which hosts interactive eLearning modules and a comprehensive learning catalogue. The platform is user friendly and can be navigated in multiple languages. We strongly believe that learning can be self-directed, when provided with a dynamic platform.

To make learning on the go and bite sized for the learners, there are e-learning modules and courses. The courses are designed to make them more interactive, easy to learn and application oriented to keep the learners engaged. Moreover, the courses also serve as support to on-the-job transfers.

Blended learning

Though e-learning is the trend, the completion rate of e-learning is just 7%. The target learners are more engaged because there is use of a variety of learning methodologies. It allows flexibility to the target learners in terms of time, location and personal learning styles. The facilitator can assess the progress of the learners and may also give practical and timely feedback.

Realizing that we have developed a blended learning approach. It is based on a 3-step approach:


Learn theories and concepts using online module. These modules revolve around themes that support the topic of interest on Leadership and Change.


With the eLearning modules and bite-size learning materials as background, this process allows participants to engage in interactive sessions using face-to-face sessions and/or discussions through virtual coaching sessions and webinars.


Once concepts and theories are discussed and clarified, application of these knowledge is the next target. This process involves face-to-face coaching sessions, group coaching and roleplaying to be ready to apply the concepts on the job.